Anti Ragging

Sri Ramakrishna Polytechnic College

Ragging is a practice in educational institutions in India and Sri Lanka that involves existing students baiting or bullying new students. It is similar to the American phenomenon of hazing. It often takes a malignant form wherein the newcomers may be subjected to psychological or physical torture..

Anti Ragging Committee
Dr.B.L.Shivakumar Principal
Inspector of Police Periyanaikenpalayam
Mr.A.R.Mohan M.A.,B.L., Advocate
Mr.R.Jayshankar Nair Parents Member
Mr.V.Suresh Kumar HoD / DME -B
Mr.K.Dhanabalan HoD / DME -B
Mr.C.Antony Pratheesh HoD / DAE
Mr.D.Gopalakrishnan HoD / DEEE
Mr.M.Manickam HoD / DECE
Ms.R.Rajam HoD / DICE
Ms.I.Immaculate HoD / DCSE
Mr.D.Lingaeswar HoD / DCE
Mr.P.Shanmugavel Physical Director (Sr.G)
Mr.S.Karthick Lect/ DICE
Mr.M.Sambasivam Lect / DAE
Ms.R.Sagana Lect / DEEE
Ms.D.Kavitha Lect / Mathematics