Computer Science & Engineering

Computer Science & Engineering

Sri Ramakrishna Polytechnic College

Computer Science & Engineering


About the Department

Started during the academic year 1996 - 97 with approval from DOTE, the Department of Computer Engineering has Computer Centre with 100 Systems and internet facility of 10Mbps used by all the departments of the college.

The department offers excellent training in computer programming using both proprietary & open source software and has excellent lab facilities for multimedia, internet and web designing. Sophisticated and latest software has been purchased to enable the students to train themselves both quantitatively and qualitatively during the lab session that enhance their understanding and helps further to motivate and prove as a helping hand to do their projects efficiently. Headed by an experienced Head of the Department and supported by 7 dedicated faculty members, the department has stable, highly qualified and experienced staff members in the staff student ratio of 1:20.


  • To provide quality technical education and knowledge to develop as professionals imparting their human values, employability, entrepreneurship , promoting research and development capabilities, to meet the challenges in the globalized technological society in the frontier areas of Computer Science Engineering.


  • To enrich the students knowledge across the areas of computer science and engineering
  • To impart effective capabilities and technical hands-on-training development of quality technical manpower to meet the real world challenges of the students in the field of computer engineering knowledge, ability and skill to become innovators and leaders which will enable them to be highly competent in their field of work
  • Benefit humanity to Share knowledge and expertise in the country while inspiring people to engage in computing fields


  • To provide an ability to use current techniques, soft skills, software and hardware tools necessary for Computer Science and Engineering
  • To offer number of short term courses, Job oriented Training Programmes and Industrial visits.
  • To impart value education system and to achieve excellence in student’s performance individually.
  • Software Lab
  • Hardware lab
  • Network Troubleshooting Lab
  • Multimedia Lab
  • Basic Electrical and Electronics lab
Computer Science & Engineering
Computer Science & Engineering