Rules and Regulations

Sri Ramakrishna Polytechnic College


1. Students have to be regular and punctual to their classes.

2. Perfect discipline and silence should be maintained within the college premises.

3. Student should not leave the class room without getting permission from the concerned staff until the class is dispersed.

4. Students should possess the necessary text books, notebooks. Clark table, calculator, drawing instruments, etc. of their own, while attending classes.

5. Students should be regular in submission of homework, drawing sheets, assignments and laboratory/workshop records as instructed by the concerned staff.


1. Students shall be regular in their attendance. No student shall be absent for the classes without obtaining sanction for leave in advance from the concerned class tutor. Leave letter must be produced to the class tutor while attending the class after the absence. In such case leave letters shall be endorsed by Parent/Guardian/Hostel Deputy Warden.

2. Absence without producing leave letters or proper reason will be viewed seriously.

3. Leave on medical grounds will be granted only on producing a medical certificate from the doctor.


1. Periodical class tests and internal tests in each subject will be conducted during the semester. Attendance during tests and examinations is compulsory.

Leave or absence for tests/examinations will be viewed seriously.


1. Students have to always be neatly and smartly dressed. They should wear uniform as instructed by college authorities.

2. Male students shall wear full pant and shirt. Girl students shall wear full skirt and half-saree with close necked jacket or chudithar with over coat.

3. During lab/workshop classes, students should wear black belt and black shoes.


1. Holidays declared by the Tamilnadu Government are applicable to the College, as well.


1. Smoking and use of any kind of intoxicant are strictly prohibited inside the campus.

2. No society, association of clubs should be formed without the prior written permission of the Principal.

3. No students shall put up or cause to put any notice without the approval of the Principal.

4. Students who are found guilty of any misbehaviour towards fellow students are liable to be punished.

5. Students shall not take law into their hands with the employees of the college. Complaints against them shall be brought to the Principal’s notice for taking necessary action.


Using cell phones inside the college premises is strictly prohibited.


The subject of study shall be in accordance with the syllabus prescribed from time to time in both theory and practical by the Board of Studies, State Board of Technical Education and training, Tamilnadu. The Board Examinations will be conducted at the end of the semester in the month of October/November & April/May.


Ref. DTE Lr.No.K.D. 59091 MI 88 dated 9-3-1989

A student will be permitted to appear for the board examinations only if:

1. He/she secured 80% attendance in theory, drawing and practical classes.

2. He/she earns a progress certificate from the Head of the institution for having satisfactorily completed the course of study as prescribed.

3. His/her conduct has been satisfactory.


The discontinued candidates or those who seek transfer may contact the Principal for readmission.


1. A student has to pay his/her examination fee and register his/her application for examination before the last date given by the College and the DOTE. This does not mean that they are eligible to appear for board examinations.

2. The hall ticket will be withheld and the student will not be permitted to write the board examination if, he/she does not have 80% attendance, a satisfactory progress certificate and conduct certificate.

3. If a student fails to satisfy the attendance and other regulations in any semester, he/she has to repeat the course of study of that semester.


Students should have their ID cards duly signed by the Principal. They are expected to have them always and especially at the time of examination.


The students are guided and counselled by our faculty. Each staff member is incharge of 30 students. The tutors meet their students once in a week to have a good relationship with them. The tutors keep a close watch over their student’s academic performance. Progress reports are sent to the parents to intimate their wards progress, and attendance particulars. Necessary action will be taken in case of any personal problem.


Special coaching classes are conducted every Saturday for the slow learners for their betterment in academics.


The Principal may alter or amend and add further rules from time to time for the smooth functioning of the institution.


The college hostel is under the direct supervision of the Principal/Warden assisted by the Deputy Warden. The warden is the final deciding authority.
He has full power to enforce strict discipline in the hostel in accordance with the rule of Tamil Nadu Educational Code of Conduct.

1. No student is admitted without submitting the application with DD for the establishment charges of the prescribed form to the Principal/Warden.
2. Admission into the hostel is made for every year. Students can’t claim admission by the virtue of being in mates of the previous year.
3. Every student before getting admitted into the hostel will be given an undertaking in written form stating that he will abide by the rules and regulations of the hostel.
4. The Tutor will take attendance every night by 9:00 PM. Prior permission should be obtained from the Deputy Warden or Tutor if an inmate wishes to stay away from the hostel during night or late evening on any day.
5. Absence from hostel without getting permission will be viewed seriously.
6. The hostel gate remains closed from 7:30 PM to 6:00 AM.
7. The hostellers will not be allowed to enter into other students room or exchange rooms. However they may be directed to change from one room to another by the warden.
8. Hostellers should take personal care of the hostel furniture, electrical fitting, etc. Any loss or damage shall be recovered from the occupants concerned. Unauthorized use of electrical appliance or electronic items like iron box, audio system, water heater, mobile phones, i-pod’s, laptops, etc. without prior permission will lead to expulsion of the student from the hostel with fine.
9. Loss or damage of electrical fittings are common to all students of a block. The cost will be recovered on a collective basis.
10. ‘Disciplines the hallmark of the character’ Hence the inmates of the hostel should abide by the rules and regulations of the hostel by leading a well- discipline corporate life and the students should preserve the reputation of the hostel.
11. Strict discipline should be maintained within the hostel campus.
12. Students are not allowed to enter the Dining Hall with shorts and vests and strictly instructed to maintain the decorum of the hostel.
13. The inmate of the hostel should not bring any day-scholar stranger to the hostel at anytime.
14. During the college working hours, no inmates of the hostel shall be allowed to stay in their rooms without proper information.
15. Inmates of the hostel should not disturb or interfere with the work of the hostel staff or servants. Entry into kitchen is strictly prohibited.
16. In case of any grievances or dissatisfaction with the servants, the inmates shall approach the warden, but should not deal with the servants at any circumstances by themselves.
17. Students should not arrange any function or meeting in the hostel or outside or within the college campus, without getting prior permission from the warden.
18. Any students who are removed from the college will automatically remove from the hostel as well.
19. Students should not paste/draw pictures, etc. on the wall, doors, windows, or shelves. If found, the rectification charges will be collected from the inmates concerned.
20. Smoking, playing cards, and indulging in unhealthy activities inside the hostel and college premises are prohibited. Failing, it will result in immediate dismissal of the inmates from the hostel.
21. Inmates will be allowed to go home once in a month. Providing valid reason may be able them to going-between.
22. Except parents, guests are not permitted inside the hostel.
23. The Warden/Principal may alert or amend the above rules or add further rules from time to time for the smooth functioning of the hostel and improve the performance and character of the students.
24. The Principal/Warden interpretation is final.